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What is Asset Management and Why Do You Need an Asset Manager?

Planning to make a career as a real estate investor? If so, you first need to find the right commercial property for sale. Let’s assume that you have already found the perfect property and you have also closed the deal. Now, it is time to make sure that your investment produces the desired returns. Asset Management Companies in Dubai will help you do just that! Through asset management, experts at RiseUp can cultivate market value so that you can increase RoI (Return on Investment) over-time. Whether you are dealing with real estate or any other form of asset, appropriate strategies and competent asset managers are absolutely necessary.

What is real estate asset management?

As mentioned above, asset management helps to increase the market value of your assets so that you get higher returns. If you choose to work with RiseUp, one of the leading asset management companies in UAE, we will manage your assets on your behalf. We will make important investment decisions that will help your portfolio grow. Besides helping you find the ideal commercial property for sale, RiseUp will also assist you in maintaining and managing it.

Our asset managers will ensure that your investment does not depreciate and that exposure to risks is mitigated. We achieve this by watching the market, staying up to date with trends and research, and keeping up with current events in areas such as politics, finance, and economics.

Real estate asset managers such as the ones you will find at some of the top asset management companies in UAE apply the same principles that asset managers in the financial market do. Their focus remains on maximizing the property value for investment purposes. However, you should not confuse real estate asset managers with property managers. Property managers usually handle the day to day activities associated with a property’s maintenance and operations.

At RiseUp, we have both property managers and asset managers to fulfill their respective roles. Once you get an ideal commercial property for sale, you should focus on finding the right asset manager. Smart real estate asset management is key to becoming a successful real estate investor.

Is real estate a good investment asset?

Individuals, corporations, private companies, and even governments purchase real estate purely as an investment strategy. You can buy, improve, resell real estate to make a handsome profit. On the other hand, you can also partition real estate, rent it out, or lease it to make a sustainable income. It is true that the real estate market is complex and has its ups and downs much like any other sector, but with the help of a competent asset manager from RiseUp, you can make the most of the opportunities while mitigating or circumventing the risks.

Though you might search specifically for commercial property for sale, it would be wise to check out all the other types of real estate that investors tend to have in their portfolio. Here are a few examples:

  • Residential properties such as apartments and villas
  • Commercial properties including offices and business centres
  • Mixed-use properties which serve both residential tenants and businesses
  • Retail properties like storefronts and shopping centres
  • Vacation properties which are meant for short-terms rentals or occasional residence
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Real estate investors often have to deal with challenges that do not exist in other investment fields. For example, with real estate, there is the risk of damage, and properties tend to deteriorate with time. Moreover, buying and selling real estate usually involves a complex process. That is exactly why you need a reliable asset manager by your side to guide you and make your job easy. Asset managers at RiseUp work to mitigate risks and promote valuable improvements. We also navigate complex tax and legal rules that govern investment properties in the UAE so that you never have to go through the hassle yourself. That is what makes us one of the best asset management companies in UAE.

What are real estate portfolios & how essential is asset management in the uae?

You might know that diversification is the key to success in the traditional capital market investment. However, did you know that the same rule applies to real estate investments as well? You cannot just get a single good commercial property for sale and call it a day. Successful investors always aim at building portfolios that include various types of properties. They also ensure that their property holdings cover a diverse array of markets. And who do you think provides them with the correct advice regarding diversification? Asset managers!

At RiseUp, we offer both asset management and portfolio management services. When it comes to portfolio management, we take care of asset selection and allocation, and we make decisions based on information provided by experts from the fields of real estate development and management. We choose assets based on your investment strategy, investment goals, and risk tolerance. There are several factors that asset management companies in UAE need to consider before choosing properties for the client’s portfolio. Some of these factors are purchase price, holding costs, potential repairs, maintenance costs, and the sales price for future references.


best real estate agency in dubai riseup holding

Before contacting asset management companies in UAE, you should get a basic idea of what responsibilities a real estate asset manager will handle on your behalf. Though we have already discussed a fair amount on the role of asset managers in the field of real estate, we understand that investors, especially those who are getting into the field for the first time, have some questions regarding an asset manager’s duties. A real estate asset manager may fulfill a number of responsibilities including helping you look for a commercial property for sale, but they have four main focus areas such as:

Reducing expenditure:
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There are several different types of costs associated with real estate property. When you factor in transfer costs, closing costs, maintenance, operational costs and so on, a property can turn out to be quite expensive. Luckily for the investors, a competent asset manager can bring down these costs considerably. There are various ways to reduce expenditure. For example, your asset manager might choose the best-value contractors to refurbish your property or they might help you secure loans with great rates.

Finding the most consistent and best revenue sources:
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Here at RiseUp, our goal is to help you find properties that significantly increase in value, and our asset managers help to realize this goal for our clients. However, we do not just focus on getting you a large lump sum profit once. Our asset managers aim at building a consistent revenue source for you, which is why they look for properties the same way. If you want a stable and consistent revenue stream, you might consider investing in one or more rental properties.

Managing and mitigating risks:
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As with any other form of investment, real estate has its risks. However, some investment properties tend to be riskier than others. Asset managers at RiseUp assess potential risks and choose properties accordingly. On the other hand, we also employ various strategies to manage and mitigate risks. We also prepare contingencies for any possible but unlikely scenario that might cause an investment to fail.

Building portfolio:
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As we discussed above, a good asset manager will always focus on building a solid portfolio. In an ideal scenario, the more you invest, the higher profit you make. When it comes to real estate asset management, the key to success lies in strategic expansion and diversification, and that is what RiseUp specializes in.


As you might have understood by now, real estate asset management is a full-time job, and it requires special expertise and industry experience. In a nutshell, it is all about maximizing the value of your investment property and getting the highest possible return on investment. As a real estate investor, you have the potential to make a fortune with your investment. However, doing that without the help of a reliable asset manager might be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

RiseUp, being one of the most reputed asset management companies in UAE, can help you realize your dreams of making it big in the real estate investment sector. We have a talented team of asset managers, portfolio managers, and real estate agents who will work together tirelessly to achieve your investment objectives. When working with us, you do not have to look for a commercial property for sale as we will do it for you. There is a lot that comes after buying an investment property, and we will handle that as well.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are serious about making it as a real estate investor, make sure you pick up your phone and give us a call. You can talk to our asset managers and discuss your needs to get a sense of how we work and how we can help to realize your dreams. Book a meeting today!

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