Off Plan Properties – The new home owner’s dream in Dubai?


UAE is trending to be a global destination and secure home base for the world, especially since changes to the citizenship rules and its recent updates to the Golden Visa Regulation. With the ever-evolving population, catering to the custom needs of a home buyer while ensuring its affordability has always been a challenge with the ready-to-move-in apartments and villas. Off-plan Properties basically allow this flexibility. It construes buying of an unconstructed property directly from a developer by paying a nominal down payment, usually 10 – 20% and signing a sales purchase agreement, the rest of which is paid according to the payment plan agreed upon.

According to recent statistics, there has been a paradigm shift among homeowners who now prefer Off plan properties to ready-to-move-in ones due to various specific reasons. 

Market fluctuations and Capital gain

The price of the property is usually locked in as the day of the signing of the Sales purchase agreement, hence, protecting the investor from hikes in property values due to market fluctuations. In a growing market, the property’s value consistently increases throughout the construction, thereby, providing valuable capital gains. Therefore, buying an off-plan property can be a good investment strategy as selling the property at a time when the property price increases can help make quick profits.

Offers buyers time to plan their finances

One of the major concerns for aspiring homeowners is the inability to procure the bulk amount required to buy a property upfront and this also interferes and hampers with the financial planning of the individual. Since Off plan properties have the option of paying the complete amount post-completion of the project, it gives enough time for the investor to prepare themselves for the upcoming expenditure and plan their finances accordingly. Additionally, present-age developers are also exploring options to provide multiple flexible payment methods to the homeowners making this the most viable property option, especially for first-time homeowners.

Better condition and home personalization

Ready-to-move-in apartments/homes have amenities that are usually meant to cater to everyone in general. Since the investor is involved with the project since before its inception, off-plan property purchase provides the homeowner the flexibility to tailor the property according to their personal preferences and needs. Unlike ready-to-move-in apartments, off-plan properties also ensure that the homes are in better condition as they are newly constructed. This makes the homes more energy efficient and also significantly lowers their maintenance costs.

Discounts, Tax benefits and Rental Income

Off-plan properties do not just have a lower process when compared to fully constructed apartments/homes but builders also usually provide the properties at a discounted price to attract more buyers. Hence, the investor can maximize their valuable capital gains at a later time. Off-plan properties also entitle the investor to a myriad of tax benefits and also to discount on stamp duty levied by the government. Since the properties are newly constructed, the home segment also attracts high rental income making residential properties more viable for the investor.

The Off-Plan property market is buzzing with activity more now than ever, be it in the popular city centre or in the new communities that are bubbling in the outskirts, be it Off plan apartments, villas or homes, aspiring homeowners have an array of options to choose from. Hence, it is safe to project that the off-plan properties are currently the upcoming dream of an investor as well as an aspiring homeowner.

just have a lower process when compared to fully constructed
apartments/homes but builders also usually provide the properties at a discounted price to attract
more buyers. Hence, the investor can maximize their valuable capital gains at a later time. Off-plan
properties also entitle the investor to a myriad of tax benefits and also to discount on stamp duty
levied by the government. Since the properties are newly constructed, the home segment also attracts
high rental income making residential properties more viable for the investor.
The Off-Plan property market is buzzing with activity more now than ever, be it in the popular city
centre or in the new communities that are bubbling in the outskirts, be it Off plan apartments, villas or
homes, aspiring homeowners have an array of options to choose from. Hence, it is safe to project that
the off-plan properties are currently the upcoming dream of an investor as well as an aspiring

What is the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan All About?

At the start of 2021, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid unveiled an elaborate blueprint for Dubai’s long-term urban development- the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan. Envisioning the next 20 years, the Master Plan lays out a comprehensive path for Dubai to become the world’s most diverse, inclusive and sustainable city. The farsighted plan aims to catalyse new business opportunities and reinforce the city’s status as a hub for global investors. 

The plan will undoubtedly augment Dubai’s competitiveness as a global destination by providing culturally diverse lifestyles and a slew of investment opportunities for citizens, residents and visitors. Additionally, the plan will offer the highest possible standards of urban infrastructure and amenities while enhancing the city’s natural and recreational areas.  

5 urban centres at the fore

The strategic plan is directed toward redefining five districts within the city and developing them as speciality hubs. As per the plan, Dubai Marina and JBR will be at the forefront of tourism and entertainment. The Business Bay and Downtown will dominate as the city’s financial hub, while Bur Dubai and Deira will highlight the emirate’s tradition and heritage. Two new centres, Expo 2020 Centre- the epicentre of exhibitions, tourism and logistics will feature affordable housing and Dubai Silicon Oasis Centre- a technology and knowledge hub that will spearhead digital economy and innovation.  

Open invitation for global residents

The Dubai 2040 plan aims to increase the total resident population by 59% by 2040. To attract more residents to Dubai, scores of sustainable housing complexes will be developed that enhance the quality of life and increase residents’ wellbeing. The plan targets to increase public beaches by 400%, green and recreational space by 105% and dedicated space for education and health by 25%. By 2040, 60% of Dubai will comprise natural reserves.  

Bonanza for homeowners & investors

As mentioned earlier, the plan will focus on investments and development in five urban centres such as Downtown and Business Bay, Dubai Marina and JBR and Bur Dubai and Deira. Current as well as potential homeowners in these areas, will witness an uptick in their property values. Consequently, homeowners looking to retire or invest in Dubai are likely to generate high rental yields in the coming years.  

A gold mine of opportunities

The pioneering plan will unlock a slew of opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and talent from all around the world. The balance between preserving existing urban areas and encouraging new sustainable development through infrastructure and new projects will drive Dubai’s real estate market. The recent amendments to golden citizenship, remote working and retirement will also attract more people to the city in pursuit of long-term rental residences, startups and retirement homes. 

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan is enticing for foreign real estate investors, entrepreneurs, expats and homebuyers. As the city becomes more and more of a home for everyone, Dubai is reinforcing its status as a global destination for citizens, residents and visitors.  

To make the most of this golden opportunity, join hands with Dubai’s most trusted and experienced real estate agency. With a team of expert realtors and an extensive network, RiseUp Holding can help you make the most financially-rewarding investment decisions of your life. 

5 ideas for home improvement to get an increased ROI

Real Estate investments are one of the most effective ways to earn passive income – through rentals and capital gains. Every homeowner who has invested in a residential property expects to get a higher selling price as profitability. In a market where real estate rates are on a constant rise, it is easier for sellers to get a hiked price. However, in a competitive real estate market like Dubai, buyers get reduced property rates which makes it difficult for sellers to get a high ROI. 

As a homeowner, if you are looking for lucrative profits in selling your home, you need to walk an extra mile. Advertising or listing it alone is not sufficient to pay off the price you desire. One needs to focus on upgrades and repairs as home improvement ways to attract people willing to see the worth of your property. 

Here’re a few home improvement ways that a homeowner can incorporate to get the best price for their property. 

Repaint the walls

Newly painted walls give a refreshing look to your property. It is one of the most cost-efficient, simple yet highly effective home improvement options to give your home a new outlook. Once the walls are recoloured, they will help you attract buyers and back your quote for getting a higher price. 

Before considering the decision to recolour, understand every potential buyer reviews the home according to their needs and desires. Do not try to overdo it by adding too many different colours of your choice. Anyway, you have to sell the home and recolouring is just a home improvement tool. Therefore, try to add neutral tones that bring out the real sense of the property. 

Usually, every buyer wants to purchase a property that is bigger and worth the price they are paying. Keeping that in mind, homeowners can add creamy white or soft grey colours to make the space look bigger. 

Upgrade kitchen and bathroom

Consider yourself as the buyer and see how are your highly functional areas look? Areas like bathroom and kitchen can make or break a deal. Too outdated and broken fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens can make the buyer lose interest. 

Before advertising to sell your home, it is always better to do the necessary updates and repairs in your bathroom and kitchen as a home improvement exercise. There shouldn’t be any leaking pipes, cabinets, handles, showers, taps, etc. Try to sell the home in mint condition as you would like to purchase. 

Improve the overall appeal

We always agree with the fact that the first impression is the last impression. If the buyer has found flaws in your home in the very first place, it is difficult to clean the spilled water on a good deal. Thus, it is necessary to focus on curb appeal as a way of home improvement. 

If you are a villa or a premium apartment owner, curb appeal matters more than you think. These places are surrounded by open areas that need to be designed thoughtfully. As a homebuyer, you can convert the curb area into a manicured lawn or get a patio installed to make it look more relevant. This will make you stand out from the competition and help you get the best price for your property. 

Consider installing new windows

Windows are installed for countless reasons – to improve ventilation, increase privacy and add a décor appeal to the home. To significantly up the interior game of your property, invest in the renovation or implementation of new windows. 

New windows make a huge difference to your home improvement job. To add more value, you can select energy efficiency windows or something trending in the market. The combination of décor factor and energy savings can significantly impact the existing price of your property.   

Provide better storage options  

Smart storage and nooks can help you make a good deal. The property becomes more appealing when it is equipped with the right storage options. This can be a good home improvement idea that will help buyers make a step towards living a convenient life. 

Thoughtfully installed storage options can solve the problem of insufficient storage problems. Apart from this, it helps in offering the idea of living clutter-free life in the smartest way possible. Furthermore, it does not cost much, however, offering an abundance of space and ROI.

After making these basic upgrades and considering home improvement, it will become easier for you to rate your property at a higher price. Apart from this, it is also necessary to market your property through a leading real estate company in Dubai. Connect with RiseUp Holding to find the most effective way of listing your property and ensure its visibility.

Buyers’ Quick Guide to Property Handover in Dubai

Congratulations! Your off-plan property in Dubai is ready for handover. But before you assume possession, there’s a daunting handover process waiting for you. Because without proper guidance or the support of a real estate agent, the property handover process can seem meticulous and time-consuming to most buyers and investors. So, as you prepare to move into your dream home or finally see some return on your investment, this quick guide to property handover will smoothen your path to possession.

 Step 1: Completion Notice

Instantly after the building is completed, the real estate developer will inform the Dubai Land Department (DLD) about the project completion. The DLD will then issue a completion notice to the developer, who will forward the same to the buyer, giving them 30 days to move in or risk penalties being imposed. The completion notice will contain the prerequisites stipulated by the developer that must be fulfilled by the buyer before taking physical possession of the property. 

Step 2: Property Snagging & Inspection

After receiving the completion notice, buyers must arrange a date and time with the developer to conduct a final property inspection. This is known as snagging inspection, wherein the buyer checks the new property for any defects or faults. If a buyer fails to carry out snagging within the developer’s allotted timeframe, it will result in a waiver of rights and the buyer will have to accept the property as is. During snagging, the buyer should list all the defects, such as loose tiles, leaky taps, etc. and report them to the developer.  

Step 3: Property Handover Notice

Once all snags have been rectified, the developer will receive an occupancy certificate from the Dubai Municipality. They will then send a property handover notice stating that the property is ready for beneficial occupancy. The handover process usually takes a few hours or, in some cases, a couple of days. It is essential for the buyer to be present on the day of handover to sign the necessary documents and make the final payments.  

Step 4: Final Payments

Added to the completion notice is a handover pack which includes the details of the buyer’s completion/account statement, outlining clearly the amount paid and pending. Some of the outstanding payments include final installments on the purchase of the property, Oqood fees or pre-registration fees, registration fees, service charges, administration fees and utility registration fees, among others. Buyers can also connect their DEWA account to make the payment for deposit and connection charges.  

Step 5: Final Handover

Once all outstanding payments have been cleared, the developer will give the buyer an appointment to sign the final paperwork and receive the keys/access cards. At the time of the final handover, the buyer must bring along original documents, including passport, Emirates ID card, sales agreement, payment completion certificate, utility and payment receipts and DEWA security deposit receipt, among others. The buyer will then sign a Certificate of Completion and Possession (CCP).

Step 6: Post Handover

Kudos for coming through with the handover process. You now own a piece of Dubai to move into, rent or sell. For best guidance on property handover or property management, investors and buyers can leverage the expertise and resources at RiseUp Holdings’ disposal. 

UAE Golden Visa: Golden Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

As one of the most coveted Middle Eastern countries by foreign investors, entrepreneurs and expats, UAE offers a myriad of opportunities for those looking to invest or build a business. With the recent amendments in the UAE Golden Visa Programme, The Emirates is opening pathways to citizenship for international investors. The Golden Visa has now become much more accessible and lucrative with wider and simplified eligibility criteria. 

As one of the choicest destinations to live, work and invest in, UAE is opening the doors wide open for real estate investors worldwide.

What is the Golden Visa?

First introduced in 2019, Golden Visa grants foreign citizens a long-term residency to live, work and study in the UAE without requiring a national sponsor or employer and allowing 100% ownership of their business. Now, the latest amendments will enable real estate investors to receive the Golden Visa much more easily by bringing down the minimum property purchase requirement from AED 5 million to AED 2 million. Real estate investors can also acquire the Golden Visa when buying one or more off-plan properties from an approved real estate company like RiseUp Holding. Additionally, property investors can purchase a property with a mortgage loan from specific banks and still be eligible.

What are its benefits?

  • The Golden Visa offers a 5 and 10-year renewable residency for investors and their families.
  • The Golden Visa holders can stay outside the UAE for as long as needed without it nullifying their Golden Residence.
  • The Golden Visa allows residence for the investors’ family members, including spouses and children, with no age limit.
  • In the unfortunate event of the death of the original holder of the Golden Visa, family members can stay in the UAE until their residence permit expires. 

How can investors get Golden Visa?

The Golden Residence Visa is granted to property investors who purchase a property above AED 2 million as an add-on. Investors can purchase off-plan properties worth or above AED 2 million with a 10% down payment. The down-payment must be at least AED 200,000 for the real estate buyer to be eligible for the Golden Visa. Additionally, investors can purchase ready-to-move properties either with full payment or mortgage transaction. If the buyer wants to purchase the property through a mortgage, the down payment should be 25% of the investment, i.e., a minimum of AED 500,000.

How can investors find investment-worthy real estate?

The Emirates is prolific with affordable and luxurious properties that yield high rental incomes. From beachfront villas and opulent townhouses to contemporary apartments and luxury penthouses, UAE has something in store for every investor. RiseUp Holding- one of Dubai’s most-trusted and accomplished real estate companies, helps investors buy residential, commercial and off-plan properties, assists in property and portfolio management and provides expert investment advice. With the UAE Golden Visa, the long-standing dream of investment and residence can come together.

Coveters of real estate in the UAE can now receive long-term residency along with financial returns and capital gains. To navigate the bustling real estate space of UAE, especially Dubai, investors can connect with RiseUp Holding to leverage the expertise and network of a home-grown real estate company and reap the benefits from this moment forth.

Property in Emaar Beachfront | Experience Coastal Opulence Like Never Before

Dubai boasts a wide selection of curated luxury residences but nothing surpasses a magnificent waterfront property in Emaar Beachfront. Overlooking the glorious Arabian Sea, Emaar Beachfront is an elite coastal community on the north stretch of the vibrant Dubai Harbour. The latest waterfront development on the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Harbour, is developed by the leading realty developers Emaar Properties. 

The 10 million sq. ft. coastal community is within walking distance from Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Residence. Buyers looking for a lavish coastal address in Dubai or a financially rewarding investment for the generations to come can rely on RiseUp Holding, one of the most trusted real estate agencies in Dubai, to strike the best bargain for a property in Emaar Beachfront. 

Prime Location

Strategically located in the heart of Dubai Harbour, a property in Emaar Beachfront will allow residents quick access to Sheikh Zayed Road. Sheikh Zayed Road provides the easiest access to Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Airport in a matter of minutes. Buying a property in Emaar Beachfront will favour both residents and investors due to its close proximity to Dubai Harbour, home to the avant-garde marvel Dubai Lighthouse, the Palm Jumeirah, JBR and Bluewaters Island.  

An Array of Exceptional Properties

Emaar Beachfront will comprise 27 luxury towers that will contain around 10,000-bedroom apartments. These high-rise towers boast a wide selection of 1–4-bedroom luxury apartments. So far, Emaar has launched five of these projects: Sunrise Bay, Grand Bleu Tower, Beach Vista, Marina Vista, each comprising two towers and Beach Isle, a single tower plus villa. For investors looking for a property in Emaar Beachfront, the South Beach Holiday Homes in Marina Vista Tower 1 offers a unique opportunity to foray into the holiday home market with high rental returns and affordable maintenance services. 

Quintessential Coastal Splendour

Unparalleled by any property in Dubai, Emaar Beachfront will offer its residents 750 metres of direct access to the alluring white sand beach on both sides of their residence. Properties in Emaar Beachfront also maximise the splendid views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina with floor-to-ceiling windows. Beach Vista, Sunrise Bay, Grand Bleu Tower and Marina Vista offer 1-4 bedroom apartments that epitomise coastal opulence. 

The Finest Amenities

Property in Emaar Beachfront will offer residents a blend of modern amenities and rustic island living. The waterfront properties will feature a range of premium facilities, including an infinity pool, sauna, smart home technology, lavish gourmet restaurants, retail hubs and health and fitness areas. Residents, as well as investors buying a property in Emaar Beachfront, can rest assured of the highest levels of security and safety in the community. 

Buying a luxurious property in Emaar Beachfront can prove to be financially rewarding for young investors. However, joining hands with an experienced and trusted home-grown real estate agency can sweeten the deal. Leverage the expertise and extensive network of RiseUp Holding to buy a property in Emaar Beachfront and enjoy a steady stream of rental incomes and high ROI.

Buying a Property in Jebel Ali | Explore the Vibrant Port Town & Experience the Idyllic Coastal Living

Jebel Ali has emerged as one of the most prominent and pivotal port towns in the UAE. Located 35 kilometers southwest of Dubai, Jebel Ali offers a wide variety of lavish villas, luxurious townhouses, modern apartments and affordable houses. Initially developed as an industrial town, a plethora of residential properties have sprung up in Jebel Ali since 2015. Sheik Zayed Road is the backbone of Jebel Ali, which connects the port town to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

 Jebel Ali opens a door to profitable investment opportunities with some of the finest properties in the UAE. Buying a property in Jebel Ali can be a formidable task but with the expertise of RiseUp Holding, one of Dubai’s most trusted real estate agencies, homebuyers and investors can enjoy a frictionless experience of buying a property in Jebel Ali. The coastal community offers world-class healthcare and fitness, retail and entertainment centers, lush landscapes and the best schools for children.

Ideal Location

Located in the coastal area south of Dubai, Jebel Ali is strategically connected to all the prime locations in and around Dubai by Sheikh Zayed Road. Jebel Ali is well connected through the metro as well. Homebuyers or investors thinking of buying a property in Jebel Ali can revel in its proximity to Downtown Dubai, Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai Airport, Ibn Battuta Mall, Festival Plaza, Jebel Ali Recreational Village and Abu Dhabi. 

Wealth of Amenities

Home to one of the largest ports in the Middle East, Jebel Ali offers a unique experience that blends sublime coastal charm with modern amenities. Those buying a property in Jebel Ali can enjoy the tranquillity offered by relaxing pools, placid ponds, pristine parks, biking trails and lush green landscapes. Property in Jebel Ali also offer exemplary health and sports facilities, golf courses, shooting ranges, luxury retail and entertainment centres, fine dining experiences and 24×7 security. 

Costal + Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

One of the best perks of buying a property in Jebel Ali is the unparalleled experience of coastal and cosmopolitan living. Jebel Ali has become the first choice for many families looking for a serene coastal lifestyle that is well-connected to luxurious facilities and a robust transportation network. The beautiful port town allows residents to step away from the hustle-bustle of the city while staying connected to the convenience of urban living. Jebel Ali also offers many lucrative investment opportunities with steady rental incomes and high ROI.  

Wide Range of Real Estate 

The idyllic port town boasts a variety of properties, including luxurious townhouses, beachfront villas, plush apartments and affordable houses. RiseUp Holding can help buyers and investors find the ideal property in Jebel Ali according to their needs, budget and preferences. Moreover, investors can also leverage the variety of investment opportunities Jebel Ali’s bustling industrial hub offers. Jebel Ali is home to an astounding collection of hotels, restaurants, retail centres, offices and warehouses.  

As Jebel Ali continues to grow and attract industrialists, as well as residents, buying a property in Jebel Ali, can reap handsome returns in the coming years. Connect with RiseUp Holding to make a prudent investment decision and buy a property in Jebel Ali that offers high rewards and minimum risks.

Property in Dubai Hills Estate | All about its augmented living, panoramic views & amenities

Dubai is home to several prestigious localities where people can augment their living and Dubai Hills Estate is not an exception. It extends over a vast area including different types of premium residential properties. Located within Mohammed Bin Rashid City, property in Dubai Hills Estate includes luxurious villas, apartments, business parks and Dubai Hills Mall. 

Dubai Hills Estate is part of the master development plan which is well planned by esteemed realty developers in Dubai. The properties in Dubai Hills Estate offer one of the most profitable residential and investment opportunities to people looking to experience luxury. Besides this, there are key factors that influence the decision of people planning to buy a property in Dubai Hills Estate. 

Developed by the world’s renowned developer

Making an investment in real estate needs to be based on the choice of the developer. A good and real estate developer with a successful track record establishes the authenticity of the project and fulfills the investors’ needs better. Buying a property in Dubai Hills Estate is prone to a minimized risk as it is being developed by globally renowned developers – Emaar Properties and Meraas Holding. If you are looking for the right investment opportunity in Dubai Hills Estate then RiseUp Holding – one of the most preferred real estate agencies in Dubai can help you make a worthy investment. 

Premium location

Location is the key factor that potential investors or homebuyers look for. Buying a property in Dubai Hills Estate can be a great choice as it is based in the most premium location with close proximity to Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Al Khail Road and Etihad Rail. It provides easy accessibility to Dubai’s renowned business parks, Golf Course and other key attractions. Interestingly, the location of Dubai Hills Estate stays in high demand due to its lucrative property deals and high capital appreciation. 

World-class amenities

People investing in a property in Dubai Hills Estate can enjoy beyond normal amenities. The locality meets A grade privileges, expectations and demands of investors. It offers an infrastructure for one of the most premium activities including fitness centers, swimming pools, parks, lush greener areas with Golf Course, etc. 

Extreme safety and privacy

Investors and homebuyers planning to buy a property in Dubai Hills Estate can enjoy high levels of security and safety in the locality. The neighborhood is surrounded by several security means that provide peace of mind to the residents. Furthermore, families with children and senior citizens also feel safe whether enjoying themselves indoors or outdoors. The gated community makes it safer for the residents to enjoy the outdoors without any worry. 

Availability of different options

Investors planning to invest in a property in Dubai Hills Estate gets several options to choose from more than 2,000 villas, townhouses and apartments. The residential area includes low-rise residential apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Apart from this, Dubai Hills Estate’s expansive residential projects include 3, 4 and 5 bedroom options with a wide array of facilities. People with a high budget can also consider 3, 4 and 5 bedroom townhouses. 

Buying a property in Dubai Hills Estate can prove to be a financially profitable option. However, making it through an experienced real estate agent in Dubai can make it even more rewarding than your expectations. Connect with RiseUp Holding to make a sound investment with high rental gains and ROI.

Buying a Property in Dubai Creek Harbour? | Know the main attractions

Dubai is known for its amazing residential and commercial districts, all offering premium amenities at the doorstep. Out of all districts, buying a property in Dubai Creek Harbour is becoming one of the most preferred investment choices for investors. It provides an immersive experience to investors with an immaculate backdrop with a combination of fantastic retail, hospitality and dining experiences.

Dubai Creek Harbour is a well-planned sub-community of The Lagoons, Dubai. It is a 6 million square metre mega city which is a joint venture between Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding. The project features residential apartments that offer serene views of Dubai Creek and Dubai Skyline. Besides this, let us walk through several key attractions of the district before making a decision to buy a property in Dubai Creek Harbour. 

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated just a few kilometres away from Downtown Dubai, Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is the nature preservation area for flamingos, herons and more. It attracts a large number of migratory birds, crustaceans, mammals and aquatic animals. It is a boon to nature and animal lovers and serves as the perfect contrast to the cityside. As it is among the few protected areas of the world, this wildlife sanctuary plays a crucial role in impacting the prices of property in Dubai Creek Harbour. 

Dubai Creek Play 

It is an expansive play area for families in the neighbourhood. It is the longest of its kind in the world with 350 meters of playscape promenade representing the seven emirates of the UAE. It features arcades, swing sets, slides, etc to enhance the community of Dubai Creek Harbour. Gradually, it is becoming a new hotspot in the city while impacting the decisions of buyers planning to buy a property in Dubai Creek Harbour. 

Dubai Square

People are flocking to Dubai Creek Harbour with the opening of its recent entertainment zones – Dubai Square. It provides many reasons for people from Dubai and residents of the district to linger around for shopping, entertainment and dining experience. With the city’s social and welcoming atmosphere, investors are eyeing properties in Dubai Creek Harbour. 

World Flower Tree

It is an iconic outdoor sculpture ‘Flower Tree’ designed by Choi Jeong Hwa. It features a unique relationship between manmade and natural worlds that attracts several visitors every day. The art piece is beautifully structured adding a touch of nature to its contemporary setting. This special installation has a huge impact on the footfall in Dubai Creek Harbour. 

Sightseeing Cruise

Being a waterfront community, Dubai Creek Harbour is home to several boat tours and cruises. Visitors and tourists enjoy dinner and open swimming in the district as a great way to spend quality time. They can delve deeper into the culture of traditional Dubai and explore several places to shop along with eateries. 

The Living

The lifestyle of people living in Dubai Creek Harbour not only enjoys the accessibility to entertainment zones but also business districts. It provides easy access to major road networks connecting the district with other important landmarks. Everything is approachable within 15-20 minutes of drive, making it a highly perfect option to invest in a property in Dubai Creek Harbour. 

If you are planning to buy a property in Dubai Creek Harbour as a resident or an investor, RiseUp Holding can help you explore the best opportunities available in the district. Connect with our team of real estate experts today to know about the properties with high ROI.  

Why Investing In Dubai South Is A Smart Decision

Dubai South is one of the most planned cities with enormous opportunities. Whether you are planning to move in or diversify your portfolio, Dubai South can offer more incredible growth avenues than any other city. It has seen major developments in infrastructure projects that offer a wide range of residential properties with essential amenities at the doorstep of the residents.

The area of Dubai South is divided into eight districts including the Residential, the Exhibition, the Logistics, the Golf, the Commercial, the Aviation, the Business Park and Al Maktoum International Airport. It is a master-planned urban project based on the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Dubai South witnessed transformative developments with The Expo 2020 around the corner. Apart from this, it has brought changes in the residential sector after which several brilliant investment options are on the way to Dubai South. 

World-Class Logistics 

Dubai South’s Logistics District is renowned for offering world-class logistics solutions to the global supply chain system. It facilitates faster movement of goods in just 20 minutes from port to airport via logistics corridor. Its advanced infrastructure is known for expansive warehouse facilities and flexible storage systems with seamless portability of goods. 

Furthermore, to enhance e-commerce facilities in the UAE, Dubai South’s Logistics District has a dedicated e-commerce zone spread across 920000 square meter. It fulfills the demand as last-mile centers, e-fulfillment centers, repair and return centers, supple centers and office solutions. 

Commercial sector

Dubai South is becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for companies to set up their offices or retail businesses. It offers state-of-the-art leased offices with smart desks and business centers. Apart from this, it provides a business-friendly environment to companies so that they can operate with ease. 

The commercial sector of Dubai South is gaining huge traction due to the accessibility of various amenities. It has best-in-class accommodation options, a thriving business park and retail communities. Any avid or non-UAE national can plan to invest in Dubai South’s commercial real estate sector and leverage lucrative ROI on their investment.

Residential sector

Dubai South has well-planned and affordable residential units for purchase and lease. This meets the diverse aspirations of real estate investors, tenants and property owners. It has a wide range of mixed residential properties including three exclusive projects – The Pulse, Sakany and JV Developments. 

The Pulse is the flagship residential project of Dubai South which has a mix of 1400 apartments and townhouses, a shopping mall, hotels, retail outlets and others. Sakany has been developed for staff accommodation. It is the first leasehold staff accommodation that includes best on class buildings, first-rate leisure and sports facilities, medical rooms and cooking facilities. On the other hand, JV Developments is a joint venture between Emaar and Dubai South which is going to home 4500 residents. 

Dubai South caters to diverse lifestyle groups that are designed in a way to create urban living more vibrant. If you are planning to own or lease any property in Dubai South, RiseUp Holding – a leading real estate agency in UAE can help you make a sound investment decision. 


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