Invest in Dubai From Anywhere In The World!

Not living in Dubai and still eyeing investment opportunities in the city? Your dream can come true. With a wide array of property types and a competitive landscape, Dubai has become an investment hotspot for global real estate investors. Ease of doing business, tax-free haven and 100% foreign business ownership attract non-UAE nationals to pour their money into Dubai real estate market. 

Making investments in Dubai real estate comes with several benefits. The city has a strong economy which is moving on an exponential growth trajectory. Apart from this, its economic, social and political stability makes the investment safe and secure for non-UAE investors. In addition, the investors can also leverage a myriad of tax advantages that can help in maximizing profits. 

Achieving high ROI from Dubai Real Estate

Dubai is one of the vast cities in the world when it comes to investment opportunities. If you’re a beginner in investing in Dubai real estate then make sure you do proper research in finding the best real estate company in Dubai. RiseUp Holding is a leading real estate agency with an experienced team of professionals that can help you make a sound and safe investment decision in Dubai from anywhere in the world. The next step is understanding the types of properties available for investment, knowing the procedure to invest, rules and regulations and investing in a property that offers high ROI. 

Invest in Dubai Apartments:

Apartments in Dubai are quite famous for providing impressive rental yields to investors. Their rental yield is much stronger than townhouses and villas. As Dubai is a fast and ever-evolving city in terms of infrastructure, its rental yield is witnessing an uptick in growth, offering the best rental returns for investors. 

Studio Apartments:

Dubai’s studio apartments top the list of investment opportunities available across the UAE. Non-UAE nationals can opt for smaller units, mainly in affordable communities. These studio apartments are usually established in proximity to modes of transportation and other essential amenities like education and healthcare. This increases the chances of getting a better rental return on each unit. Presently, Dubai studio apartments offer an ROI of 9% in areas Al Warsan, The Greens, Barsha Heights and International city.   

Leveraging the value of smaller units:

Resale profits are one of the most common sources of wealth creation for real estate investors. Smaller units are resold faster than any other property. They offer better value than large-sized villas or apartments. Non-UAE nationals can purchase smaller units at an affordable price and resale them with good value. 

Besides this, investors must also scan the pros and cons of buying off-plan and ready property. This would help them in understanding several price advantages, down payment, upfront costs, rental yield and capital appreciation for the property they are planning to invest in. Furthermore, a consistent supply of new properties in Dubai also makes it beneficial for investors to invest from anywhere in the world. 

To make a safe investment decision, connect with RiseUp Holding and invest in prime Dubai real estate with stronger and stable rental yields. 


Top 10 Pet-Friendly Communities In Dubai

Many people are fond of parenting a pet. Those furry friends become an important part of their life that they want to pamper and spend their lives with them. Animals, no doubt, shower love and affection and that’s why pet parents look for pet-friendly communities in Dubai to live a peaceful life.

Pet-friendly communities in Dubai are in great demand as every year people from different countries come to settle here. They buy a pet to sense companionship and make their life more packed.

We have picked one of the best pet-friendly communities in Dubai for pet lovers to move into. Here’s the list:

Dubai Hills

Featuring a mix of villas and apartments, Dubai Hills is recognized as one of the most pet-friendly communities in Dubai. Its beautiful parks and ample greenery make the pet fall in love with the place. On the other hand, to not disturb other residents, Dubai Hills is known for its stringent cleaning rules. For instance – pets need to wear identification tags when outdoor, proper disposal of dog waste, no abandoning of pets, etc.

Jumeirah Golf Estates

Surrounding spacious villas with a private garden and pool makes it a pet-friendly community in Dubai. The greenery around the community uplifts the pets’ mood and makes it a perfect residence for them. In addition, there is a proper way to dump the waste that does not hamper the cleanliness of the community.

Al Barari

Recognized as the Green Heart of Dubai, Al Barari features luxury apartments, villas and plots. It is a unique destination with great proximity to pet shops and all the necessities required for pets. Owners are required to train their pets well for the safety of other residents and that’s what makes Al Barari one of the most preferred pet-friendly communities in Dubai.

Emirates living

Emirates Living consists of townhouses and independent villas with unique amenities. With lush greenery and ample garden space, Emirates Living makes up a pet-friendly community in Dubai. Well-trained dogs are allowed in the Emirates Living as well as at the Emirates Golf Club.

Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches are recognized as a perfect community for dog lovers. The villas in Arabian Ranches have ample outdoor space where dogs and cats can have good playtime. Even the Arabian Ranches Golf Club also welcomes trained pets that making it a pet-friendly community in Dubai. 

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers are known for the beautiful pathways around the lake that are wide and perfect for an evening walk for pets. The outdoor space can offer the pets much-needed exercise time while socializing with other residents. Apart from this, there are several neighborhood restaurants where owners are allowed to bring their furry friends.

Damac Hills

Damac Hills is a well-established community featuring villas, apartments and a hotel. It offers one of a kind living experience boasting a handful of spaces designed for the pets’ playtime. It is a great place for families that love dogs and can enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of this pet-friendly community in Dubai. 

Palm Jumeirah

The community offers spacious villas and apartments. Palm Jumeirah has ample space in the backyard where people can get their pets and enjoy a great time together. Besides this, the pet-friendly restaurants in the community also allow owners to dine with their furry friends.


Downtown is a pet-friendly accommodation in Dubai. It is a perfect pick for families that are pet lovers, making it one of the most sought-after pet-friendly communities in Dubai. Moreover, pet-friendly restaurants in the community provide a perfect spot to plan an enjoyable outing with pets.

Dubai Investment Park

The community is renowned for the world’s largest indoor dog park – My Second Home. It is a pet-friendly community in Dubai and the indoor pet park attracts several owners to live in the community. It is a gated community where families feel safe with their pets and encourages dogs to interact with other dogs and residents.

If you are looking for the best pet-friendly communities in Dubai, connect with RiseUp Holding. We have a wide array of villas, apartments and bungalows for pet-friendly families.

The Best Time To Invest In Dubai Real Estate

The real estate sector has been the most resilient that bounced back quickly after beating the COVID-19 uncertainties. The sector showed strong signs of regrowth by attracting many savvy investors and buyers. According to the statistics shared by Dubai Land Department (DLD) in 2021, October recorded the best month in the past 8 years with a whopping Dh. 13.12 billion investments in real estate, closing over 5352 deals. 

The Dubai real estate market evidently showed significant growth in terms of residential as well as commercial investments. It is majorly because of the economic slowdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic across the world that made it the best time for savvy investors to purchase a property. Considering the pace at which the real estate market recovered, the value of the property will continue to witness a steady increase in appreciation for the next three to four years. 

Presently, the real estate sector is showing an overwhelming performance. Many people might not get a deal as good as it was in 2021. However, savvy investors still leverage the opportunity of a good bargain with interesting schemes offered to uplift the sector. 

Here’re a few answers to the questions that every savvy investor with good capital in hand might have about real estate investments: 

When prices hit the rock bottom

The real estate prices always never come down. The market always shows an uptick rise in property value and it is difficult to find the opportunity when the prices may hit rock bottom. Having said that, savvy investors can take leverage of economic slowdown like the COVID-19 pandemic that brought almost every business sector to a grinding halt. That time presented the opportunity to negotiate and purchase a property at the best price.  

When it is a buyer’s favourable market

The Dubai real estate market never saw such attractive deals from developers in the past. However, as the market is continuing to move on its resilient and exponential growth trajectory, real estate developers are coming up with lucrative deals for buyers. Any savvy investor or buyer planning to shift from a rented space to their own can capitalize on opportunities provided by favourable markets.  

When financing options are attractive 

With technology advancements and fintech becoming the mainstream, it has become easier to finance a property. In the present market scenario, banks and other financial institutions are offering great financing options that can help savvy investors to buy their dream properties. Apart from that, attractive financing options are also helping buyers to move to their own home with easy and customized payment plans. 

Finding the best deal at the right time

Making a sound and safe investment decision in Dubai real estate market is not easy. It can be daunting, especially, if you are a first-time investor or beginner. It is better to connect with real estate experts who could help in not only finding but closing a profitable deal. RiseUp Holding is one of the leading real estate companies in the UAE which can help in providing an opportunity to build a lifelong high-yielding asset.

The Best Source Of Wealth Creation In Real Estate: Rental Income Or Capital Gain?

Real Estate has traditionally been a powerful source of wealth creation across populations. People who have lived through economic crises and pandemic slowdowns would understand that real estate creates wealth more consistently than any other asset class.  It is majorly due to rental income, capital gains and future value that a property generates over time. 

Having said that, it is imperative to understand that real estate is not a way to make money or get rich quickly. However, one can generate wealth and witness growth gradually with correct safe investment decisions. Real estate creates wealth through two highly effective ways rental income and capital gains. If the investment decision is sound, real estate becomes an excellent way of wealth accumulation. 

Rental income
This is one of the oldest and classic ways of making money through real estate. In this forward-moving world, people will always require space to live or work. Not everyone can take the risk of pouring money into a property altogether to enjoy rental income. However, those who do that can leverage the benefit of renting it out to commercial or residential clients. 

There are several options available to create a rental income. For instance, an investor can buy land, build it and rent it out. Apart from that, the investor can add variations to it by building it in a way that targets a particular segment of tenants. That land can also be converted into a commercial building to have a long-term tenant. On the other hand, buying land in a residential area and building it a villa or a home out of it can target tenants looking for a home to live. Both ways can help the investor create rental income which will vary depending on the type of the asset.

Capital gain

The majority of wealth generated in real estate is through the rising property prices, also known as appreciation. People make a massive amount of money only through appreciation. Even though the prices of property fluctuate, its real estate value always goes up, bringing capital gains for the investor. It is also essential to know that the appreciation can be realized only at the time of selling the property. However, investors can still increase their return on investment in several ways. 

One of the most obvious sources of appreciation is undeveloped land which an investor can purchase and develop. As cities start to expand, the land around them becomes significantly valuable. Thus, recognizing the potential of undeveloped land can help developers or investors leverage great benefits and enjoy capital gains. 

In the residential segment, location plays a crucial role in appreciating the value of a property. When the neighborhood or a residential locality evolves, the value of the property increases. Besides this, adding new road transits, schools, healthcare facilities, shopping centers and recreational zones for children also skyrocket the value of the property. As a result, this capital gain helps the investor to create wealth. 


Wealth creation in real estate can be realized through rental income as well as capital gains. It depends on the investor how safe investment decisions they make. RiseUp Holding – a leading real estate company in the UAE help investors make sound investment strategies that generate wealth for the generations to come. The company understands risks, market opportunities and other important factors in increasing the investor’s ROI and profits.

Is buying an off-plan property too risky?

Off-plan properties are popularly associated with investors keen on expanding their portfolios. However, with projects being launched at discounted prices with attractive payment plans, many people looking to settle down with their family in Dubai also go for off-plan property purchase. In an ever-expanding real estate market like UAE, the value of off-plan properties is continuing to increase.

Off-plan property purchase is committed to buying a property that has not been finished or built yet. It comes with several tangible benefits for investors such as lower prices and developers taking into consideration the wishes of the investor in building the property. Apart from this, it offers higher resale profits after the completion and transfer rights of the asset and promises strong capital growth for the investor.

Investing in such properties not only reduces the risk of developers spending resources on building the property but also offers a great deal to investors. Typically, an investor has to pay 5-10% percentage of the amount initially to successfully secure the booking of the off-plan property purchase. Later, the payment is followed by installments to pay off the remaining balance.

Delay or cancellation in project completion
This is one of the most common and biggest risks in choosing an off-plan property purchase. Developers or builders often fail to hand over or complete the project on time which means they do not follow the schedule promised at the time of selling the project. Delayed projects mean a delay in giving possession to the investor or buyer on the anticipated timeline. However, a bigger risk than that comes with the cancellation of the project. Many situations arise when projects get cancelled or terminated for not abiding by the rules and regulations. As a result, it causes huge monetary loss to the investor.

Quality as not expected
Making an off-plan property purchase must begin with some research about the quality of projects that developer has delivered in the past. While the brochure and visualization of the project may seem lavish, the actual look of the project might differ and the buyer gets to know about it after the handover. This particular risk is a major one but it can be mitigated with proper research about the developer in the initial stage itself.

Price fluctuation in the market
The real estate market in UAE is dynamic and price fluctuations are critical to making an off-plan property purchase. Sometimes, the price of the real estate market goes down and the price a buyer has paid for the property becomes higher than the current market value. Thus, one should always purchase in the rising real estate market. This helps the investor or buyer in taking advantage of competitive market prices and get higher capital returns.

No immediate returns
Many people make off-plan property purchases keeping in mind their investment goals. Though this fulfills their plans but sometimes fail to deliver immediate gains. Investors cannot see immediate returns with off-plan property purchase until it is completed. However, they can reap the benefits from rental returns once the project is completed.

Making an investment in an off-plan property purchase is always a game-changer for investors. It can only be beneficial when the investor considers the pros and cons attached to it before pouring money into the project. RiseUp Holding – one of the leading real estate agencies in UAE is known for offering the best off-plan properties to avid investors and first-time buyers.

Connect with the company’s specialists to know the range of reliable off-plan property projects in Dubai.

Distressed property deals in Dubai | Important things to know

Real estate comes with a substantial amount of investment. They often become distressed due to financial difficulties faced by the property owner. Consecutive failure to make loan EMIs leads to banks seizing and selling the property to recover the unpaid loan.  Such situations sound hopeless for the owner, however, offer great deals to buyers. Therefore, if you’re an avid real estate investor, it is necessary to gain important insights into distressed property deals in Dubai. 

Distressed properties are usually valued much lower than their actual market price. In addition, some external factors such as the sudden need for capital can also result in distressed property deals in Dubai. Hence, a potential buyer can either think of getting a mortgage or completing a cash transaction. Here’s how you can close distressed property deals in Dubai:

Find an experienced agent in Dubai real estate 

Distressed property deals in Dubai are not easy and have unique pitfalls. While thinking to close a deal, one should always connect with an experienced agent in Dubai real estate who can handle specific issues related to such properties. Being a buyer, making a big investment decision can be challenging considering the diligence required in closing distressed property deals. Thus, buyers must ensure clarity and understanding of the process before making a deal. RiseUp Holding is one of the most trusted names in successfully closing distressed property deals in Dubai and handled dozens of issues in the domain.  

Acquire in-depth knowledge about the State’s law

Every state or country has its own laws for selling and buying distressed properties. Some state laws are seller/buyer friendly while some can add obstacles in closing the deal. Similarly, UAE is one of the hottest destinations for all types of properties and investors take a keen interest in distressed property deals in Dubai. However, the state laws and procedures in Dubai for purchasing real estate are detailed. Thus, the imperative is to know the key legal restrictions and regulations in the region. Considering the diligence level in this space, one must get in touch with an experienced real estate agent who has an understanding of a multitude of rules and procedures in the city and can have a significant impact in closing distressed property deals in Dubai. 

Get into reasonable negotiation professionally

Finding distressed property deals in Dubai can be easy. But getting through a reliable one with appropriate valuation perplexes the investor’s mind. This majorly happens when a seller is in urgent need of capital and the buyer has to make a quick decision to cash in the opportunity. In this scenario, the seller wants to quickly close the distressed property deal in Dubai and the decision-making process is faster than the diligence process of the buyer allows. RiseUp Holding has extensive expertise in distressed property deals in Dubai and can offer lucrative opportunities to buyers as well as sellers. Their professional negotiation and valuation process helps stakeholders leverage the exciting opportunities in Dubai real estate market. 

 Are you looking for an appropriate distressed property deal in Dubai? RiseUp Holding can help in acquiring a direct deal from the seller offered at a good price. Connect with the company’s expert team that can help you with a range of properties in the UAE. 

List of investment companies in UAE: Brings strategic innovation to real estate market

The UAE’s booming business environment offers promising hope for investors. As a global business hub, it offers a plethora of opportunities in a wide selection of sectors and industries. Whether you’re an Emirati or an expat, investing in the UAE can be the beginning of financial independence. But the first step in any investment journey begins with thorough research and exploring the list of investment companies in UAE. People are eyeing lucrative investment options across UAE more than ever before. Out of which, real estate in UAE provides tangible returns through passive income, tax deductions, steady cash flow, equity, portfolio diversification, etc. With reliable real estate agents and well-chosen assets, investors can own space in the paradise of the Middle East and enjoy these long-term benefits.
RiseUp Holding – a reputable real estate agency headquartered in Dubai is recognized as the finest and one of the most trusted wealth management companies in Dubai. Seasoned in property buying, selling, leasing and management, the company offers a multitude of options for building one’s investment portfolio. With an extensive residential and commercial properties portfolio across the UAE, RiseUp Holding is known for its successful projects and tops the list of Investment Companies in UAE.

Residential properties
Whether you’re looking for a home or planning to build a steady stream of rental income, investing in residential realty is the safest bet. Dubai offers some of the most lavish properties, from plush villas, waterfront homes to luxurious penthouses and spacious apartments. Being one of the top wealth management companies in Dubai, RiseUp Holding has a long list of residential properties at its disposal to help potential investors find their dream place. Since the company tops the list of investment companies in UAE, its team of expert realtors negotiates the best deal, assists with tenants, arranges for inspections and appraisals for a hassle-free process.

Commercial properties
With attractive leasing rates, substantial cash flows and capital appreciation, investing in commercial properties has gained huge popularity. From waterside restaurants, fancy hotels to large office spaces, factories and warehouses, finding the best commercial space for leasing or selling is imperative before making an investment. RiseUp that tops the list of investment companies in UAE is privy to an extensive network of the most profitable commercial estates in the country.

Off Plan Properties
UAE has an extensive range of off-plan properties that offer substantial capital growth and high returns. Whether you’re looking to build an asset or book a profit before completion, off-plan properties are packed with numerous advantages such as lower purchase price, strong capital growth, staged payments and so on. RiseUp Holding – the highest-ranking agency in the list of investment companies in UAE guides the investor at every stage to meet the investment goals of the client. Furthermore, the company’s prowess in real estate makes off-plan property investing the most lucrative and fruitful option.

With UAE’s economic, political and social stability, Dubai presents a favourable business environment and countless investment opportunities. Over the years, investment has grown exponentially in the city and a multitude of opportunities have sprung up in the real estate sector. Being one of the best wealth management companies in Dubai, RiseUp Holding is also recognized as one of the top investment companies in UAE. It can be your go-to real estate agency in a long list of investment companies in UAE.

Choosing The Best Property Management Company in Dubai

best real estate agency in dubai riseup holding

Want to hire one of the best property management companies in Dubai? If you have one or more investment properties in and around the city, managing them all on your own may be too much of a hassle. If we are being honest, it may even become impossible at some point. In such a situation, the best option is to hire professionals to help you out. 

Having trained experts manage and take care of the day-to-day running of your investment properties can take a huge load off your shoulders. So, how do you find the right person for the job? There is a list of property management companies in Dubai. When choosing one of them, make sure to consider the following aspects:

Are they one of the best property management companies in Dubai?

A solid reputation and a positive track record are two of the most important qualities of a property manager. When searching for an expert in the field, you may come across a list of property management companies in Dubai, but are they all qualified enough to handle your investments? You can never be sure unless you research the company’s background and the work they have done. 

Do they have specialized knowledge? 

Amateur investors often do not understand that every investment property is different. That is why property management expertise also varies depending on the nature of the investment property. For example, if you own an apartment complex, you cannot hire a property manager who has only worked with single-family homes. Furthermore, since each type of investment property comes with its own set of challenges, you cannot trust property managers who say they are experts at managing all types of properties. 

Have you narrowed down your search to local firms?

You cannot simply stop at finding the best property management companies in Dubai. You need to shortlist companies based on their experience in the specific locations where you own or intend to own investment properties. Since laws and regulations vary from one region to another, hiring a local property manager ensures that you are always on the right side of the law. Besides, a property manager, who is intimately familiar with a particular region, has a better understanding of the area’s real estate market, rental rates, ROI, and trends. That knowledge can be crucial in managing your investment. 

Do they have the correct licensing, affiliations, and insurance?

When looking at a list of property management companies in Dubai, make sure you find out about their licensing and other legal requirements. A reliable property management company will have all the required licensing and certifications in order. They should also comply with the regulatory requirements for insurance. Before you decide to hand over the responsibility of managing your investment, make sure to personally verify all membership, licensing, and insurance claims personally.

Have you evaluated the company’s systems and performance?

Researching and evaluating the company’s track record and performance over the years is absolutely necessary. Start by going over the statistics for the properties that the company manages. Your research should cover critical factors such as turnover rates, rent collection data (percentage collected on time, delinquency, percentage of late payments etc.), vacancy, occupancy, eviction, and the average length of a tenancy. You should also check if they have any systems in place to streamline the whole process and make it more efficient. For example, can tenants pay rent online via a portal or submit their complaints electronically?

Does the company have a good reputation?

You might think this one is a no-brainer. If a company ranks number one in Google, that surely means they are one of the best property management companies in Dubai, right? Well, no! With the right branding and digital marketing, any company can rank well in the SERPs (search engine results pages). While the top ranking company is surely worth looking into, you cannot automatically assume they have the best reputation in the industry.

For that, you would have to find out what the public thinks about the company. Start by checking reviews on Google. You can also ask the company for references, and call those references up to find out more about how well the company operates.

Have you reviewed the agreement and other legal documents?

It goes without saying that you should always sign legal documents after carefully reading and reviewing them. A better way would be to ask the prospective company a sample of their property management agreement. How much do they charge? Do they have any exit clause? Are their responsibilities clearly mentioned? How do they plan on resolving disagreements? A legitimate property management company should be able to resolve all of these queries and clarify any doubts that you have. Besides these, make sure to check the tenant lease agreement.

Do they adhere to the market standard for Dubai property management fees?

While the services offered by a competent property manager can be invaluable, not every investor can afford to spend a fortune on hiring a property management firm. Dubai property management fees can vary depending on the company’s reputation, the nature of the investment property, the work involved in managing it, and the region where the property is located. Before making the final decision, you need to find out how much the company charges. 

Check out RiseUp, one of the best property management companies in Dubai

When you are on the hunt for a suitable property management company, make sure to take a look at RiseUp, one of Dubai’s leading real estate agencies that specialize in property management. At RiseUp, you will find dynamic and capable professionals with years of experience under their belt. Since our inception, we have worked with both amateur and seasoned investors, and we have helped to double or triple their profits within a matter of months. If you want to reach your true investment potential, make sure to get in touch with RiseUp today!

Services Expected from a Unique Portfolio Management Company Dubai

best property management companies in Dubai

Many amateur investors tend to assume that a real estate portfolio manager is just like any other financial asset manager. What they don’t know is that real estate funds management or portfolio management differs radically from financial asset management, which mainly involves managing mutual funds, bonds, and equities. That is why if you are planning to start or expand your real estate investment venture in Dubai, hiring a unique portfolio management company Dubai would do you a great deal of good.

For starters, portfolio and property management companies in Dubai help investors in defining and taking advantage of opportunities at the property level. On the other hand, they are responsible for risk management, asset allocation, and transactions. Finally, depending on the company you choose and the services they offer, the professionals may also deal directly with everything associated with the land and the structures on it.

Why do you need to work with a unique portfolio management company Dubai?

Dubai’s ever-growing and thriving real estate sector holds a lot of potential for investors, which also means that the competition here is fierce. To succeed, both novice and seasoned investors need professional guidance from time to time. That is because unlike conventional money management, real estate portfolio management requires experience in optimizing the value of properties. Furthermore, portfolio managers are known for their ability to diversify investments and ensure risk-adjusted returns. Years of industry exposure also helps them with flawless asset selection and allocation.

In addition to everything we just mentioned, a unique portfolio management company Dubai can also provide great value by recommending the most efficient use of your capital. They will keep you informed and updated about cash flow forecasting and performance measurement. The top professionals in this field not only have a deep understanding of market dynamics, but they are also experts in property fundamentals. That allows them to flawlessly select and allocate assets. To diversify your investment portfolio and produce desirable returns, competent portfolio managers make bets on both local and regional property markets. When it comes to multiple-asset portfolios, they also create the correct property mix for maximum returns.

Portfolio management services you can expect from best real estate agency in Dubai

Wondering about whether or not hiring portfolio or property management companies in Dubai would be a smart investment? If so, you need to have a clear understanding of the different services that they provide. Since property portfolios vary by size, type and many other features, the role of portfolio managers tends to be broad. Furthermore, many of their decisions and actions may target specific properties, but they intend those efforts to have a positive impact on the entire portfolio. Here are a few critical areas that your portfolio manager will deal with: 

Creation and execution of asset related strategies:

Your property portfolio should align with your investment goals and trajectory and also help it move forward. Doing that without a proper strategy is nearly impossible. A real estate portfolio manager’s first job is to create that strategy based on market research, analysis of your assets, future predictions and so on. They are also responsible for executing the strategy to derive the desired results.

Asset allocation: 

On the whole, your real estate portfolio is an asset. However, it is made up of smaller assets (the individual properties) that contribute to its overall revenue output. Allocation of assets, which also includes budgeted capital, has a tremendous impact on the performance of a property portfolio. Capable portfolio managers allocate assets and enhance their revenue-generating capabilities to reach your goals.

Transaction supervision:

Much like a securities portfolio, properties can also leave or enter the fold of your real estate portfolio. When that happens, a portfolio manager must oversee that transaction. It falls under his/her purview to make sure that they are purchased divested in the right manner. Portfolio or property management companies in Dubai not only facilitate these transactions, but they also track and monitor them for the future as well. 

Risk assessment and adjustment: 

Much like any other investment, real estate carries a specific set of risks. In terms of assets, the risk can manifest as debts on a balance sheet or something else. Knowing and understanding these potential risks is necessary when managing a property portfolio. The best real estate agency in Dubai should be able to identify and foresee these risks based on their analytical data. Furthermore, they should also be able to mitigate or adjust these risks. 

A good portfolio manager will be able to make sure that the collective return on investment is enough to overpower the risks. Risk adjustment typically involves deciding how to allocate assets and where to allocate funds not only for capital improvements, but also to reduce future costs.

Simply put, your real estate portfolio manager is responsible for ensuring that your investments bring the desired ROI. Instead of dissecting the miniscule details of individual properties, they treat your portfolio as a whole and make high level decisions that affect the entire portfolio.

Check out RiseUp for the best portfolio management services

If you are looking for competent and capable portfolio managers, make sure to visit RiseUp, the best real estate agency in Dubai. Whether you are newly exploring Dubai’s real estate landscape or have spent years in it, we have a lot to offer you. Since our inception, we have worked with both novice and seasoned real estate investors, and we have helped them maximize their returns and achieve their short-term and long-term goals. We can help you with the same no matter what your objectives are. 

Whether you are planning to build your real estate investment portfolio or expand it, RiseUp can guide you through this process. We have a team of highly skilled and dynamic portfolio managers who have years of experience in the field. Our experts are also familiar with Dubai’s real estate landscape on a local and regional level. Such exposure and experience can be significantly helpful for you. To know more about what we can do for you, get in touch with us today!

Qualities of a Great Commercial Property from a Tenant’s Perspective

top investment companies in Dubai

Being a successful commercial real estate owner in Dubai means you are in the big leagues and you earn the big bucks. However, getting to that stage is not easy. As an investor, owning the right commercial property is simply half the job. To make real money, you first need to make that property seem valuable in the eyes of the tenants. So, how do you do that? As the top 10 real estate companies in Dubai 2022 will tell you, the first step is to start thinking from the tenant’s perspective. This will help you figure out what the tenants want in a commercial property and offer the same. 

The top 10 real estate companies in Dubai 2022 reveal the qualities of a great commercial property

Dubai’s commercial real estate sector is booming right now, and market predictions show that it will continue to thrive in the coming years. That means commercial properties will be in high demand. To make the most of it, owners first need to understand what their target audience wants. Tenants put a lot of time and research into finding the perfect commercial property for rent or lease. According to the top property management companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, certain attributes always make the good commercial properties stand out. Here are a few of those qualities that tenants always look for:

Proximity to the city:

When looking for office spaces, companies generally tend to go for commercial properties that are located in the city center. Busy and populated areas are good for business and the workforce. That is why Downtown Dubai is one of the most sought-after locations in the city for commercial properties. According to portfolio management services in Dubai, commercial properties in the city center attract both startups and large enterprises from various industries. Companies that rely on millennial talent are especially on the hunt for properties in these locations. 

Access to parking spaces:

While it may seem like an obvious one, you would be surprised to know how many commercial spaces do not have sufficient parking space. As the top property management companies in Abu Dhabi report, commercial spaces with easy parking access and reliable vacancy are hard to come by, especially in busy areas. However, this one feature can often make or break a deal. In many cases, on-site parking is a must-have for tenants. That is why the best commercial spaces feature regular or underground parking facilities.

Historic performance:

As the top 10 real estate companies in Dubai 2022 will tell you, a commercial property’s historic performance has a significant impact on its value. When leasing a commercial space, potential tenants always research its capital growth performance and yield to determine its viability for their business. They always go through the historical background of the asset because it offers them a clear picture of the asset’s strengths and weaknesses. If you are planning to put your commercial property up for rent or lease, make sure to take its past performance into account.


It goes without saying that tenants always prefer commercial properties in areas that have good infrastructure such as roads, airports, hospitals, links to public transportation and more. Being one of the most advanced cities in the world, Dubai boasts excellent infrastructure. Since the real estate sector is the backbone of the city’s economy, the government plays an active role in facilitating progress. Numerous initiatives have been taken to improve infrastructure and aid the commercial real estate sector. Portfolio Management Services in Dubai rely on this when managing commercial properties for their clients.


Today’s society and business environment is driven by technology. Considering how much we rely on technology on a daily basis, it is obvious that it plays a crucial role in commercial property as well. Before you start promoting your commercial property to attract tenants, make sure the property is compatible with all the latest technologies that businesses require today. The most basic example of that would be internet connectivity. If your commercial property cannot offer access to the internet (be it due to its location or poor building maintenance), tenants are going to consider that a red flag. That is why the top property management companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai always focus on making their properties tech-compatible.

Open floor plan and outdoor areas:

This one applies to a range of different commercial spaces. More and more companies are moving away from cubicle-styled offices. That is why it is important for commercial real estate owners to offer open floor plans that allow tenants to make unconventional arrangements. Open floor plans offer a higher degree of flexibility to the tenants. So, this feature makes the property seem attractive and valuable instantly. The same can be said about open areas. Tenants often look for commercial properties that come with a garden or an open space with a natural component. Such properties are ideal for creating office spaces as it offers the employees a place to relax during long workdays.

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If you are struggling to manage or promote your commercial property, consider hiring one of the best portfolio management services in Dubai. Since its inception, RiseUp has helped investors and commercial property owners by offering specialized services. Being one of the top real estate agencies in the city, RiseUp deals with both residential and commercial properties. However, we have a keen focus on the commercial real estate sector, and it is evident in our property management and portfolio management services. 

If you are currently experiencing losses with your commercial property, it is time to hire experts who are known for turning the fate of dying businesses. If you want to survive the intense competition in Dubai’s commercial real estate sector, you need experienced professionals by your side. With the support of our competent team, you can elevate your commercial property’s value and viability in the eyes of the tenants. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can be of service. 

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