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Jumeirah Islands is one of Dubai’s most premium housing developments and it was built by Nakheel Properties, one of the largest property developers in the UAE. It is situated east of Sheikh Zayed Road, the city’s main spinal highway, and this top-tier real estate paradise lies directly inland from Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers.

Jumeirah Islands is made up of small islands or clusters, each of which consists of 16 villas. The most unique thing about the villa clusters is that the units vary in design and layout. While some have an Islamic influence in their design, others bear Mediterranean architecture.

All the clusters sit in an artificial lake that is filled with salty seawater, and the lake is so big that the entire complex has a land to water ratio of 23:77. There are a total of 50 islands and 46 of them are known for hosting residential properties. Jumeirah Islands also features a supermarket, restaurant, club house, gym, pharmacy, beauty salons, and leisure facilities. There are over 736 individual units, and each unit comes with its own swimming pool.

Since its completion in 2006, Jumeirah Islands has attracted property buyers and real estate investors from around the world. Here’s what you should know if you are interested in getting a property in the Jumeirah Islands.

Why should you invest in property in the Jumeirah Islands?

If you are planning to rent or buy a luxurious residential property in one of Dubai’s most scenic locations, there is hardly any place better than Jumeirah Islands. The upscale villa community is a good option for both home buyers and property investors. Besides the high-end properties, this freehold, gated community also boasts lakes, parks, lush green landscapes, and leisure facilities. All of these features only add to the value of the properties.

Here, you will find four to five bedroom villas that range in size anywhere from 5,101 square feet to 7,200 square feet. The spacious villas come with world class amenities that augment the living experience significantly. The community is family-friendly and has parks and children’s play areas. Pet owners have all the more reasons to move here because Jumeirah Islands is one of the most pet-friendly communities in the city.

Rent or Buy property in Jumeirah Islands

From luxurious villas to lavish mansions, Jumeirah Islands has it all. If you have always dreamed of living in opulence, getting a home here will make that a reality. Such premium real estate can be excellent investment vehicles, and you can make a significant amount of money just by renting or leasing your property. Since Jumeirah Islands is divided into various sections, knowing about these will help you find the ideal property.

European Cluster:

First on our list is the European Cluster, which is perhaps the most popular section in Jumeirah Islands for buying or renting villas. As you can infer from the name, the villas here are known for their European design and architecture. The western look and feel combined with the high-end build quality of the properties is what makes this one of the most sought-after villa communities in all of Dubai.

Getting a property at the European Cluster also means that you get access to a plethora of world class amenities such as state of the art fitness centers, sports centers, tennis courts and much more. The section has several fine dining restaurants and fancy cafes, where you can have a relaxing time while enjoying your favorite food, cooked by local and international chefs. You will also find a number of retail outlets and shopping destinations.

The European Cluster features four and five-bedroom villas that have an average selling price of AED 7.5 million and AED 9.8 million respectively.

Mediterranean Cluster:

Another highly coveted sub-community of Jumeirah Islands is the Mediterranean Cluster. As the name suggests, the luxurious villas in this community follow a traditional Mediterranean architectural style. One of the best things about the design of these houses is that they feature massive windows, which means you get plenty of natural light. Many of the villas also offer breathtaking views of the lakes that overlook Jumeirah Islands.

Here, you will find four and five bedroom villas for sale. The average starting price of the four-bedroom villas is AED 8.8 million, and the luxurious five-bedroom villas go for around AED 11 million.

The Mansions:

If you want to get a property that not only elevates your status, but also strengthens your investment portfolio, you need to consider this sub-community of Jumeirah Islands. The Mansions is spread across a 300-hectare area, and it features some of the most premium properties in the entire development. The villas here come in four and five bedroom varieties and feature a plethora of high-end amenities. Residents also get access to private pools and private gardens. The average starting price of a five-bedroom villa at the Mansions is around AED 13 million.

Oasis Cluster:

The last one on the list is Oasis Cluster. Known for its opulent villas with several top-notch amenities such as rooftop terraces, private pools, beautifully landscaped gardens, and dedicated maintenance staff, this sub-community of Jumeirah Islands is certainly a favorite among buyers. Besides the serene and pollution-free environment, Oasis Cluster offers quick access to parks, health clinics, retail outlets and so on. There is also a community gym and clubhouse along with a large community pool and outdoor sports facilities.

Whether you are looking for villas for sale or rent, you can get four bedroom and five bedroom options. The four-bedroom villas can be anywhere from 5,200 square feet to 10,000 square feet in size, and the average starting price of such a unit is AED 7.6 million. Five-bedroom villas, on the other hand, can be between 6,000 square feet and 12,000 square feet in size, and the average selling price is around AED 7.7 million to AED 11 million.

Advantages of living in the Jumeirah Islands

Before buying a property in Jumeirah Islands, you should ask yourself, is it a good place to live? Knowing the answer to this question is equally important for investors who simply want to rent out the property or put it on lease. If the location is not ideal for living, you will have a hard time finding long-term tenants. So, to answer the core question – Jumeirah Islands is a great place to live! The luxurious and high-end properties are not only factors that made this such a sought-after residential community in Dubai. There are several advantages of living on the Jumeirah Islands. Here are a few of them:

Beautiful landscape:

Jumeirah Islands has a breathtaking landscape that is unmatched in all of Dubai. It is easy to imagine Dubai as a concrete jungle, which is why this villa community is like a breath of fresh air. Surrounded by greenery and water, Jumeirah Islands offers a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city without going too far out into the outskirts. If you want to experience the true magic of living in the suburbs, this is the ideal place to do so.

A plethora of amenities:

This one is kind of a given, but it is worth mentioning. The best part about buying a property in an upscale community is that you get access to some world class amenities such as state of the art fitness center, sports center, clubhouse, cycling and jogging tracks, swimming pools and much more. There are several restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers within the community along with leisure and entertainment options. Jumeirah Islands proves that living in the suburbs is not only peaceful, but it can also be convenient and luxurious.

Family-friendly neighborhood:

If you don’t want to raise a family in the city, the suburbs are ideal for you. The spacious villas and the open layout of the entire community are perfect for young couples and large families. If you have kids, they would have plenty of space to explore, run around, and play in. On the other hand, adults can enjoy a peaceful time at the end of a hard workday. Furthermore, there are several schools and nurseries in and around Jumeirah Islands to make it all the more convenient for residents.

Hire a top real estate agency in Dubai to help you get the perfect property

If you have decided to buy or rent a residential property in Jumeirah Islands, hiring a capable real estate company such as RiseUp will be the right call. We have years of experience in navigating Dubai’s complex real estate landscape, and our knowledge can help you find the perfect property and most lucrative deal. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you!

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