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When you think of Dubai, images of the glamorous Downtown or the exotic Palm Jumeirah islands may come to mind. However, when you look at it from a real estate investor’s perspective, the city has a lot more to offer than just these world renowned places. Such a spot is Jumeirah Village Circle, a fast-growing freehold community that is located right in the heart of New Dubai. Because of its central location, good value accommodations, high quality development, and prime transportation links, Jumeirah Village Circle is highly popular among families looking to buy a home and investors who are looking for residential units.

Introduction to Jumeirah Village Circle

A master development by Nakheel Properties, one of the leading property developers in the UAE, Jumeirah Village Circle was launched in 2005. It is situated Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the main highway that runs the entire length of Dubai. The freehold community is divided in six districts and covers an area of more than 870 hectares. As far as properties are concerned, you will find apartments, town houses, and large villas here. By the end of 2016, approximately 25,000 people were living in Jumeirah Village Circle, which is still being developed. It was predicted that when the 560-hectare community is fully developed, it will be able to house around 300,000 people.

Developments in Jumeirah Village Circle

Thanks to the exciting new developments, Jumeirah Village Circle is continuously growing. The Circle Mall, which opened its doors in April 2021, has 235 shops, two department stores, an anchor supermarket, a multi-screen cinema, a food court, restaurants, cafés, and a health clinic. By July 2020, there were 235 completed townhouse rows and towers and another 110 that were still under construction. More than 100 commercial, residential, and hospitality buildings are in the design phase and numerous new villas are either completed or being constructed.

Although building quality varies depending on the individual developers, you will find that most existing villas in the community are spacious and have large rooms, up to five bedrooms, and balconies. If you are looking for a smaller property with a large garden space, you will find more suitable options in the neighboring community of Jumeirah Village Triangle, which is mainly designed for small families and couples. If you are planning to invest in one or more high quality residential units, check out the properties at Jumeirah Village Circle.

Jumeirah Village Circle advantages

If you are looking to invest in a property in Dubai without spending a small fortune, Jumeirah Village Circle would be the best choice. Besides that, the community offers a number of great amenities for those who wish to live here. There are numerous convenience stores and shops dotting this neighborhood. Now with the launch of the Circle Mall, residents have access to more shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Another great thing about Jumeirah Village Circle is that it is not a concrete jungle. There is plenty of scope for you to enjoy nature. There are 33 landscaped parks here that cover a combined area of four million square feet. Nakheel Properties is also developing a new community club where you will find a 300-seater restaurant, a sundeck and swimming pool, landscaped gardens, a gym, and two tennis courts.

Reasons for investing

Whether you are a seasoned investor or getting a property for the first time, you must do your due diligence and ask the right questions before making the final call. If you are wondering about whether or not it would be smart to invest in Jumeirah Village Circle, the answer is pretty simple – find out all you can about the property. Hiring a well-known and reliable real estate agency in Dubai will certainly make your job easier. For a quicker and easier solution, check out the following list of reasons for why you should invest in Jumeirah Village Circle.

Great location:

Finding the perfect location is key to choosing any property, be it residential or commercial. Jumeirah Village Circle is strategically positioned and it offers you access to most of the top attractions and major transportation hubs of Dubai. You can reach this neighborhood through the major artillery roads such as Sheikh Zayed Road through Hessa Street or Al Khail Road. Man-made wonders such as Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah are also a short drive away from Jumeirah Village Circle. Business hubs such as Downtown, Business Bay, and the location for Expo 2020 are also 20-minute away.

Family-friendly community:

If you are planning to buy a home for you and your family, Jumeirah Village Circle would be an ideal location. The large community is especially suited to couples and families with children. It offers lots or green and open spaces, distinctive architecture, and range of amenities that make it stand out from the other neighborhoods in the city. When living here, you will have access to schools, kindergartens, medical clinics, fitness centers, recreational centers, play-areas, landscaped parks, cycling fields and much more.

Plenty of shopping and entertainment options:

Since the introduction of the Circle Mall, residents of Jumeirah Village Circle have a plethora of choices when it comes to shopping and retail experience. There are plenty of stores selling a range of items to fulfill your daily and luxury needs. You will also find several great cafes, eateries, and fine dining restaurants here that will help you maintain an active and fun social life.

Investment hot spot:

Whether you hire an investment advisor in Dubai or check out the statistics offered by most property listing sites, you will find that Jumeirah Village Circle is the third most popular community among property buyers and investors. In 2020, the community saw the third-highest sales for ready and off-plan residential properties. The property demand in the area will only keep increasing as the development is closer to completion. So, if you want to grab a residential or commercial property at relatively smart prices, contact a real estate agent now.


If you are not convinced by all the great points we have discussed so far, this one will surely help you make up your mind. Here at Jumeirah Village Circle, you will find properties that are perfect investment vehicles. For example, if you are planning on getting one or more residential units, which you can later rent out, you will find the best rental yields here. Over the years, the rental yield has remained stable, and it is only expected to rise once the neighborhood is fully completed. The already existing or under-development retail outlets, shopping malls, cinemas, and other leisure destinations add to the property value.

Find the right Dubai real estate agent to help you get the best deal!

Whether you are looking for a home to settle down with your family or a smart investment vehicle that is capable of generating a healthy cash flow, Jumeirah Village Circle can offer you the property you want. However, finding the right property and especially at the right price can be a daunting task. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will benefit greatly from the help and guidance of a renowned Dubai real estate company such as RiseUp.

Being one of the leading real estate agencies in Dubai, RiseUp has the best team and the right resources to help you. Property agents at RiseUp will not only help you find the perfect property for your needs, but they will also help you get the best rates. If you need help with your investment portfolio, the company also has some great investment advisors and portfolio managers who can take your real estate investment career to the next level. Being in the industry for years, RiseUp is intimately familiar with Dubai’s real estate landscape. They can help you find the perfect time to invest.

RiseUp is truly the one stop shop for all your real estate investment needs. Whether you want a residential or commercial property and whether you want to buy or rent, they will help you find exactly what you are looking for. You won’t need to spend time on browsing listings. The professionals at RiseUp will know your preference and they will shortlist the properties that will be ideal for you. All you would have to do is visit the property and make the final call.

Finally, when you have chosen the property, it is time for negotiations. That is something that the agents at RiseUp excel at. By advising you on the right time to invest, and by negotiating with the seller, they will help you land the most suitable deal. They will also conduct the appropriate checks and inspections to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Once the deal is finalized, they will take care of the legalities and the paperwork. All you have to do is sign!

Investing in a property in Jumeirah Village Circle can prove to be a great decision. However, you need to make sure that you do it right. The best way to do that is to rely on professionals. Get in touch with RiseUp today!

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