List of investment companies in UAE: Brings strategic innovation to real estate market

The UAE’s booming business environment offers promising hope for investors. As a global business hub, it offers a plethora of opportunities in a wide selection of sectors and industries. Whether you’re an Emirati or an expat, investing in the UAE can be the beginning of financial independence. But the first step in any investment journey begins with thorough research and exploring the list of investment companies in UAE. People are eyeing lucrative investment options across UAE more than ever before. Out of which, real estate in UAE provides tangible returns through passive income, tax deductions, steady cash flow, equity, portfolio diversification, etc. With reliable real estate agents and well-chosen assets, investors can own space in the paradise of the Middle East and enjoy these long-term benefits.
RiseUp Holding – a reputable real estate agency headquartered in Dubai is recognized as the finest and one of the most trusted wealth management companies in Dubai. Seasoned in property buying, selling, leasing and management, the company offers a multitude of options for building one’s investment portfolio. With an extensive residential and commercial properties portfolio across the UAE, RiseUp Holding is known for its successful projects and tops the list of Investment Companies in UAE.

Residential properties
Whether you’re looking for a home or planning to build a steady stream of rental income, investing in residential realty is the safest bet. Dubai offers some of the most lavish properties, from plush villas, waterfront homes to luxurious penthouses and spacious apartments. Being one of the top wealth management companies in Dubai, RiseUp Holding has a long list of residential properties at its disposal to help potential investors find their dream place. Since the company tops the list of investment companies in UAE, its team of expert realtors negotiates the best deal, assists with tenants, arranges for inspections and appraisals for a hassle-free process.

Commercial properties
With attractive leasing rates, substantial cash flows and capital appreciation, investing in commercial properties has gained huge popularity. From waterside restaurants, fancy hotels to large office spaces, factories and warehouses, finding the best commercial space for leasing or selling is imperative before making an investment. RiseUp that tops the list of investment companies in UAE is privy to an extensive network of the most profitable commercial estates in the country.

Off Plan Properties
UAE has an extensive range of off-plan properties that offer substantial capital growth and high returns. Whether you’re looking to build an asset or book a profit before completion, off-plan properties are packed with numerous advantages such as lower purchase price, strong capital growth, staged payments and so on. RiseUp Holding – the highest-ranking agency in the list of investment companies in UAE guides the investor at every stage to meet the investment goals of the client. Furthermore, the company’s prowess in real estate makes off-plan property investing the most lucrative and fruitful option.

With UAE’s economic, political and social stability, Dubai presents a favourable business environment and countless investment opportunities. Over the years, investment has grown exponentially in the city and a multitude of opportunities have sprung up in the real estate sector. Being one of the best wealth management companies in Dubai, RiseUp Holding is also recognized as one of the top investment companies in UAE. It can be your go-to real estate agency in a long list of investment companies in UAE.


I often get asked about HOME INVESTMENT, “I’m earning Dh20,000 per month – can I buy a property in Dubai in 2021?”

My answer is determined on a stream of questions which is what I’m going to elaborate on. There are more factors that come into play when determining if we are able to buy a property than just our income. All these aspects are different for every individual.

For argument’s sake, let’s consider a purchase through bank financing, as most buyers are looking for a mortgage when buying ready properties. As a starting point, an income of Dh20,000 per month certainly crosses the minimum threshold to obtain a mortgage.

Generally, your monthly salary needs to be 4x higher than your monthly mortgage payments, which can further vary based on current liabilities. There are a few requirements the bank will ask to get started on the pre-approval.

● Salary Certificate

● Six-Month Salary Slip

● Six-month Bank Statement

● Loan Application Document

● ID Copies

Depending on the bank, the pre-approval validity can vary between 30-60 days and the cost from Dh500-Dh1,000. Once the pre-approval is in hand, make a point to understand how much the bank will lend and how much down payment to have in hand.

This pre-approval helps get immediate offers on distress assets that might be in the market for a short period of time. With a pre-approval, the seller gains more confidence in your ability to obtain the required finance to buy a property.


Since bank lending can go up to a maximum of 80 per cent, the buyer should have in hand 27.5 per cent of the property value to cover the down payment and all transfer-related expenses. At this point, decide if you want a fixed rate or a variable.

If the pre-approvals are sorted and based on the mortgage type, let’s start onthe fun part – property hunting.


Based on a salary of Dh20,000 and not having any other liabilities, the bank will lend about 40x the monthly salary, which means Dh800,000. Since that is the maximum lending amount, let’s consider it to be 80 per cent of our target property value, therein allowing us to buy a property of up to Dh1 million.

The down payment along with closing costs would be about 27.5 per cent, which would equate to Dh275,000 out of which Dh200,000 would go towards down payment and Dh75,000 on closing expenses related to Land Department fees, the no-objection certificate, agency costs, mortgage registration, valuation and processing.

Let’s calculate what will the monthly repayments will be. Let’s consider we opted for the fixed rate mortgage for 20 years and at an interest rate of 3.5 per cent. Based on our borrowing of Dh800,000, we are looking at Dh4,640 a month, which is principal plus interest payment.


On a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai for Dh1 million, which is about 1,200 square foot with an average service charge of Dh 12 per square foot. That means a monthly maintenance cost equates to Dh 1,200.

Factoring in mortgage repayments as well, we are looking at expenses of Dh 5,840 per month. If our purpose for buying the property is an investment for rental yield, then let’s see how much income we are able to generate. Let’s consider our property to be rented out at Dh 80,000, which equates to Dh 6,600 per month.

After deducting monthly outgoing in terms of mortgage payments and service charges, we are still looking at a positive income of Dh760 per month. Upon completion of mortgage payments over the next 20 years, we are now sitting on a fully-paid-up property generating rental yield with only the monthly service charges as outgoing.

If the purpose of purchase is to shift from being a tenant to live in our own property, then instead of paying a rent of Dh6,600 per month, we are now spending Dh5,840 per month on bank repayments and maintenance fee.

It’s a winning situation – whatever the purpose may be.



Source: Gulf News – Written By Aakarshan Kathuria

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