UAE Golden Visa: Golden Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

As one of the most coveted Middle Eastern countries by foreign investors, entrepreneurs and expats, UAE offers a myriad of opportunities for those looking to invest or build a business. With the recent amendments in the UAE Golden Visa Programme, The Emirates is opening pathways to citizenship for international investors. The Golden Visa has now become much more accessible and lucrative with wider and simplified eligibility criteria. 

As one of the choicest destinations to live, work and invest in, UAE is opening the doors wide open for real estate investors worldwide.

What is the Golden Visa?

First introduced in 2019, Golden Visa grants foreign citizens a long-term residency to live, work and study in the UAE without requiring a national sponsor or employer and allowing 100% ownership of their business. Now, the latest amendments will enable real estate investors to receive the Golden Visa much more easily by bringing down the minimum property purchase requirement from AED 5 million to AED 2 million. Real estate investors can also acquire the Golden Visa when buying one or more off-plan properties from an approved real estate company like RiseUp Holding. Additionally, property investors can purchase a property with a mortgage loan from specific banks and still be eligible.

What are its benefits?

  • The Golden Visa offers a 5 and 10-year renewable residency for investors and their families.
  • The Golden Visa holders can stay outside the UAE for as long as needed without it nullifying their Golden Residence.
  • The Golden Visa allows residence for the investors’ family members, including spouses and children, with no age limit.
  • In the unfortunate event of the death of the original holder of the Golden Visa, family members can stay in the UAE until their residence permit expires. 

How can investors get Golden Visa?

The Golden Residence Visa is granted to property investors who purchase a property above AED 2 million as an add-on. Investors can purchase off-plan properties worth or above AED 2 million with a 10% down payment. The down-payment must be at least AED 200,000 for the real estate buyer to be eligible for the Golden Visa. Additionally, investors can purchase ready-to-move properties either with full payment or mortgage transaction. If the buyer wants to purchase the property through a mortgage, the down payment should be 25% of the investment, i.e., a minimum of AED 500,000.

How can investors find investment-worthy real estate?

The Emirates is prolific with affordable and luxurious properties that yield high rental incomes. From beachfront villas and opulent townhouses to contemporary apartments and luxury penthouses, UAE has something in store for every investor. RiseUp Holding- one of Dubai’s most-trusted and accomplished real estate companies, helps investors buy residential, commercial and off-plan properties, assists in property and portfolio management and provides expert investment advice. With the UAE Golden Visa, the long-standing dream of investment and residence can come together.

Coveters of real estate in the UAE can now receive long-term residency along with financial returns and capital gains. To navigate the bustling real estate space of UAE, especially Dubai, investors can connect with RiseUp Holding to leverage the expertise and network of a home-grown real estate company and reap the benefits from this moment forth.



Investment in Dubai



Dubai’s economy is projected to grow 3.8% in 2020 which will be higher than the global growth forecast of 3.6%.


According to Interpol, Dubai is a politically stable environment and a safe city for citizens, residents and visitors as it considered to be one of the safest cities in the world in terms of crimes and health.


While Dubai still offers one of the lowest prices in real estate it continues to offer the highest yields in the world averaging 7-8%.


The UAE dirham is pegged to the globally recognized US dollar which allows the currency value to enjoy balance, growth, and stability in import and export trade rates.


Dubai offers Residence Visa on full ownership of a residential property of AED 1 million as well as issuing a 5 or 10 years Golden Residency Visa. The new system enables foreigners to live, work and study in the UAE without the need of a national sponsor and with 100% ownership of the business on the UAE’s mainland.

“In 2019, the UAE implemented a new system for long-term residence visas. The new system enables foreigners to live, work and study in the UAE without the need of a national sponsor and with 100 per cent ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland. These visas will be issued for 5 or 10 years and will be renewed automatically.”


0% tax on residential real estate in Dubai investments and income with no limitation of transfers outside the UAE.


The 100% business ownership policy that was announced this year will allow large businesses to accelerate growth and integrate with global markets for long term growth.

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